Derek Fodeke-Rodgers — a Nigerian teen designed awesome laptop

This 16-year-old Nigerian was still in high school when he designed his dream computer ZAHA, a graduate from Model Secondary School Maitama, Abuja.

With the support of his mentor, Irene Okoeguale of Black n Gold systems he was able to design a unique laptop unlike anyone he had seen in the market.

“There was a lot of emphasis on the design of the system (body) I paid a lot of attention to design problems by laptop manufacturers that I found really annoying then I started determining the laptops specification and functionality, says Derek”.

Zaha is designed to be a powerful light, slim high performance, gesture controlled laptop with an all-day battery life and 16GB of RAM, an Intel core i7 6660 u processor a low power consumption processor with high speed output with iris graphics. The gesture control which will be embedded is by the leap motion sensor that tracks hand and finger movement allowing users control the system without physically touching the system, and have access to the leap motion store.

Derek is currently developing the electrical schematics and making moves with manufactures to develop the working prototype before the end of the year.

I needed a name that would represent its simplistic design; I chose to name it Zaha (which means flower in Urdu) because to me, flowers represent beauty simplified says Derek.image


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