Lagos police warn motorcyclists against disobeying traffic law

The police in Lagos have warned motorcyclists against breaking the state traffic law, saying anyone caught disobeying the law would face the consequences.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Office of Operations, Lagos State Police Command, Mr. Emmanuel Ngwu, added that the police and other security agencies in the state would help curtail crime during the months leading to Christmas and New Year festivities.

Ngwu made the remarks after the weekly State Security Council Meeting presided over by Governor Babatunde Fashola, at the Lagos House, Marina, according to a statement on Thursday.

He said, “If you are not new in Lagos, you will recognise that each time the Ember months (last four months in the year) arrive, security agencies in Lagos begin to be proactive.

“This is because if you look at the population of Lagos, you will see the need for the police, the armed forces and every other security agency to be ready.

“Lagos State Government has been magnanimous that it never banned okada. The state restricted okadas to some routes; let the riders take only those routes they are allowed to take and stop coming on the expressway and the routes on which they are restricted. If they continue to go on the routes they are prohibited, the police will continue to clamp down on them.”

On the use of siren, Ngwu recalled that the former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Mr. Mohammed Manko, had said every person not authorised to use siren must be stopped.

He said such people would also be made to face the wrath of the law.

While addressing the growing challenge of gang fights and cult clashes, Ngwu said, “We are not going to fold our arms and watch cult members kill and maim innocent and law-abiding Lagosians.

“So, we are working in conjunction with other security agencies in Lagos State; we are going after them. Either they change or we catch them and prosecute them in court. That is the directive.”

Source:Punch News


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