Cosmo Lounge



On The 12th/13th of September,2014….Cosmo Lounge,PHc would host the WORLD. You are cordially invited to HER 1 year Anniversary Celebration. 12th Sept/2014–»Pre-Anniversary Party. 13th Sept/2014 Anniversary Party @6pm hosted by SoundCity+084Tv. Entertainment Celebs+Creme-de-la-Creme would be in attendance. 2014. CUSTOMERS APPRECIATION,TOP-NOTCH PERSONALITIES & CELEBRITIES ALL TO GRACE THE RED CARPET COVERED BY SOUNDCITY & 084TV FORM 9PM. VENUE: #2 CHIEF EDEH CLOSE OFF SANI ABACHA ROAD. GRA PHC.
Dress Code: Dress To Impress. Call:08034829616. Twitter:@CosmoTheLounge. Instagram: @CosmoLounge_ph


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