Ebola in Abuja???

Ebola Update in Abuja:

Popular Female Journalist Moji Danisa posted this…                         

Ebola in Abuja? “Unconfirmed reports say a suspected Liberian attending USAID workshop at NICON LUXURY HOTEL ABUJA is said to have develop fever and collapsed at venue of workshop today and was said to have been smuggled away to unknown hospital without any precaution. The staff of the Hotel have been WARNED by the MD to keep it secret. please warn ur love ones to stay clear the area and if u have Ebola alert phone number pls kindly inform d authority to forestall calamity in FCT!

Remember!   Do. Not panic!
A key to survival is early detection! If you suspect somebody with the Ebola virus please notify local. And health. Departments also call 08037154575; 0803787970; email: ebolainfo@health.gov.ng

Do not forget that good. Hygiene and washing your hands regularly remains the most important means of disease prevention! 
“His grace is sufficient for you, his power is made. Perfect in your weakness!
God keep us all safe Amen!


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