As it did in 2013, Port Harcourt will once again experience a vibrant fashion atmosphere as Native and Vogue Port Harcourt International Fashion Week returns for the second year. The event which will take place from the 19th-21st of September 2014, will feature an assembly of top designers and models from around the world to celebrate the totality of African fashion.
Native and Vogue Port Harcourt International Fashion Week is the most creative and innovative fashion event in West Africa. The event, designed as a dual platform to groom emerging designers and showcase established designers, is positioned to drive and grow the local fashion industry into sustainable globally competitive brands.
The event looks set to be the talk of the town as distinguished guest from the local and international fashion scene will be in attendance. Frontline designers that will display their designs at the event include Frank Osodi (House of Bunor), Yemi Osunkoya (Kosibah Creation, UK), Kluk CGDT (from South Africa), Ade Bakare (UK), and among others.
In continuing from last year’s efforts of encouraging, inspiring and strengthening aspiring models and designers, Native and Vogue received entries for two of its competitions; Face of Native & Vogue and the Young Designers Competition.
The winners of the Face of Native and Vogue will have the rare opportunity to walk the ramp alongside international and renowned models, as well as the chance to model designs of frontline designers, while the Young Designers winners will showcase their designs alongside the frontline designers.
On a wider perspective, Native and Vogue equally serves as a medium to further develop and influence tourism as more African designers now infuse African inspired themes and fabrics into their designs. This has expanded the fashion industry tremendously, making it a highly exportable sector.
Native and Vogue is organized by Neo-Mantra, an intellectual property firm specialized in branded entertainment, sponsorships, talent and event management, together with Vanguard Allure and Bunor Creazioni.


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