NITP seeks policies to improve city management

The Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, Lagos State chapter, Mr. Ayodele Adediran, has said that policies on urban planning are necessary for effective city management.

He said this during a luncheon on the institute’s upcoming conference in Lagos.

“We can manage the cities better through policies on urban planning that will take care of addressing climatic change in the society and preventing disasters in order to minimise their impacts on the society,” he said.

Adediran said the theme of this year’s conference would be: ‘Management of cities in developing economy: Issues, challenges and opportunities’, with sub themes such as framework for effective city management in a developing economy, managing mega cities and sustainable urban regeneration.

He advised stakeholders, including international development institutions, to support governments at all levels in city management.

According to him, the forum will address contemporary issues affecting human settlements in Nigeria and how to ensure that the cities and settlements are well organised.

Adediran also said that policy issues that would emanate from the conference would be translated to all tiers of government.

The chairman observed that the effect of climatic changes on the society could be addressed by urban and regional planning that would help to withstand natural and man-made disasters.

He noted that the negative effects of changes in climatic conditions were drawing global attention and it was important to find solutions in terms of abatement and adaptation.

According to him, various measures are being proposed by experts to save the earth from calamities.

Adediran said efforts were being made to reduce carbon emission and find alternative energy sources.

Source: Punch News


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