Avoid selfishness, Dickson tells political class

Governor of Bayelsa State, Mr. Seriake Dickson, has urged those who occupy positions of public trust in the country to use power in the best interest of the people.

The governor gave the advice while interacting with his Rivers State University of Science and Technology classmates, fondly referred to as ‘Class 92’. The occasion was the hosting of the class to a dinner party at the Government House, Yenagoa, on Saturday.

The governor said that nobody could achieve power outside the benevolence of God, and therefore, it should be used in promoting the common good of the people.

To achieve this, he counselled that leaders must be ready to make sacrifices and sometimes take painful decisions to move the society forward.

Dickson said, “If it has pleased God to allow us exercise public authority and power, which we didn’t get by our strength in the first place. We, therefore, have a duty to ensure that power is utilised in the best interest of the people.

“Having done that for the past two and a half years, I also know what comes with it. I spent a lot of political capital talking about the new direction and message of change.

“In this state, we need to move away from what I call clique culture, where things don’t get done– roads and bridges don’t get built in the name of difficult terrain, while some few people laugh to the banks with their collaborators. That is what we are confronting.

“But when I look back at the decisions and actions I have had to take in the last two and a half years, when I go round and see the flyovers and road dualisation works going on; roads linking the hitherto inaccessible areas and the hospitals we are building in every local government area, where we are going to have the most functional health insurance system for the people.

“When I look back at all the schools-primary, secondary and tertiary and over 150 Ph.Ds. and about 500 Masters degree scholars outside the shores of this country and over 300 secondary students placed in choice schools! My dear friends, I’m glad to report to you that, I feel very fulfilled and happy.”

Dickson, who expressed delight at the re-union after about 21 years of graduation, urged his classmates to form a structure to forge better interaction and amity among them.

In their separate remarks, some of the former classmates of Dickson, Justice Raphael Ajuwa, Justice Ebbis Uche, Christy Oloko, Ikenna Morgan, Golden Tamuno and Emeka Ojoko, among others, said they were proud to associate with the governor.

They described him as a performer in view of his outstanding performance in promoting transparency and good governance in the state.

Recalling their days at RSUT, they observed that his virtues of discipline, hardwork, courage had been brought to bear on his leadership style as a governor

Source:Punch News


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