Two cult groups Iceland and Greenland have signed a peace agreement in Abua/Odual. The peace pact was signed in the presence of Police and Army Chiefs, the Clergy, as well as representatives of youth groups, after hostilities between the two groups caused many to fled Otari community. The two gangs handed over arms at a peace meeting brokered by the Caretaker Chairman of Abua/Odual Local Government Area, Udi Udom. Udom has called on residents who fled the area following the frequent clashes between the two groups, to return. He also defended himself against claims that he was behind the hostilities.

“We are calling them to come back, because the people causing the problem are their children,” said Udi Udom.”Let them come back to their community and talk with their children. That is the extent I can go. The police cannot be in their communities forever.”

“I am not a cult member,” said…”I don’t know why they are accusing me. They should urge their children to obey the law and respect the Government and see how there will be peace in the area.

“If they know I am the one sponsoring the killings in the area, they should openly accuse me, or take me to court. For now there is peace. And sometimes the people just accuse me. I don’t know why they feel I am the one causing the problem but I am not part of the crisis.”



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