Keke Union Crisis:  Union Leader Appeals For IGP, Rivers CP Intervention

The President of Rivers State Transport Co-operative Union, Comrade Binoye Sunday has appealed to the Inspector General of Police and the Rivers State Commissioner of Police to intervene in the crisis rocking the rival unions over who manages and controls the commercial tricycle operators in Rivers State.

Comrade Binoye Sunday also called on the Police authorities to impress on one Mr. Julius to release the 48 Keke that have been under his custody to enable the operators carry out their legitimate services in the State.

He explained that the Napep Programme which introduced Keke Napep Youth Empowerment Scheme through which the beneficiaries had the Green-White-Green Keke had been scrapped, wondering why the Koran, Julius and his colleagues continued to take laws into their hands by seizing and impounding 48 Keke that belong to members of the Co-operative, describing the Napep Programme as a defunct youth empowerment programme.

He said the Nigerian Constitution provides that everyone has the right to belong to any association of his/her choice, wondering why Koran will force people to belong to it.

Comrade Sunday further faulted the claim by Mr. Julius that they have been in the National Industrial Court and that there was a court injunction which restricted co-operative union not to operate, saying the law said after seven days such injunction expired as it is of the Industrial Court.

He again disclosed that the Nigerian Labour Law and the Trade Union Law provide that a non-indigene have no legal right to occupy the position of a State Chairman or Unit Chairman in any transport association or union in a State in which he/she is not an indigene but only resides to do business, adding that members of the cooperative voluntarily joined it because of the benefits they derived.

“The former Okada rider association members decided to engage themselves in meaningful activities as the operators of three wheeler SME transport services,” he explained.


Source:National Network for perfect truth


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