Full-time legislature not Nigeria’s problem –Enugu NBA

The Chairman of Enugu branch of the Nigerian Bar Association,  Dr Osita Nnamani, on Wednesday said the problem of Nigeria was not the duration of sitting of members of the legislature.

Nnamani made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Enugu, while reacting to the National Conference recommendation for a part-time legislature in Nigeria.

He said though the recommendation was what obtained in some advanced democracies, that was not the major problem of the legislative arm of government in the country.

“For instance, the state legislators in the United States of America are on part-time while their federal counterparts are on full-time.

“The difference is that they live in their private houses and drive their private cars to work, but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case,” he said.

Nnamani, however, observed that the affluent lifestyle of the legislators in Nigeria contributed to the public outcry.

“Nigerian legislators are the highest paid in the world. They live in official quarters and drive official cars,” he said.

He said the legislators could still work full-time with a reduction in their emolument to bring it at par with what obtained in the public service.

“There are a lot of unnecessary wastages going on in the legislative arm of government and as such, their emoluments need to be streamlined along that of the public service. Their salaries should be made equal to that of the most senior civil servants like permanent secretaries,” he said.

Nnamani said greed had been the major problem of rendering services in the country.

Source:Punch News


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