Nigeria remain 44th in FIFA rankings


The Super Eagles remain the 44th best team in the latest FIFA rankings released on Thursday with 640 points to their name.

The June rankings still put Nigeria as Africa’s sixth behind new leaders Algeria (22), Ivory Coast (23), Egypt (36), Ghana (37) and Cape Verde (39).

Algeria leapfrogged Ivory Coast by moving three places up while the Elephants lost two places.

Nigeria’s opponents at the World Cup, Iran (43), remain Asia’s best despite losing six places in the rankings, while Bosnia-Herzegovina move up four places to be world’s 21st best. Argentina move up two places as world’s number five.

Te leading duo of Spain and Germany remain unchanged, Brazil will start the tournament in third place, having leapfrogged Portugal, while England (10th, up 1) have returned to the top 10 at the expense of Greece (12th, down 2).

FIFA said the results of 112 “A” international matches were taken into account for the current edition of the rankings, with 67 friendly matches plus continental qualifiers in CAF (26 matches), the AFC (16) and CONCACAF (3) being played up to May 30.

Source:Punch News


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