Is Nigeria a godless country?

I have heard it said before that self pollutes and destroys the genuineness of the best of intentions. To transfer your affections to the added things when you find yourself in public office destroys the best of motives. When the self interferes with your commitment to offer service for the general good, then it amounts to insincerity which then leads to corruption, etc, for no man, we are taught can serve two masters no matter how wise, clever, educated, or enlightened. We must hold on to this truth no matter our professions. We have all agreed that the root of all insurgencies is inequality in the system producing terrorists and agitators. When our hearts are not focused and centred on the fear of God, then we continue to hear about the few cornering the wealth of Nigeria, and as a result, unnecessary burdens like fee hikes are shifted to the poor.

Source:Punch News


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