Badminton star laments lack of exposure

One of Nigeria’s top ranked badminton players, Jinkan Bulus, has said that badminton in the country is facing the challenge of inadequate exposure.

The student of University of Maiduguri, who is ranked 202 in the May 29 rankings of the Badminton World Federation, said that the international exposure of the players is low and does not motivate them to play more.

He said, “We haven’t been going for international events as much as we ought to. For example this year, many international tournaments have been organised but we haven’t attended many of them.”

The lack of exposure, he added, is behind the low ranking of the country’s players in the game.

“We are trying, but you can’t compare our ranking with that of players who attend more events than we do.”

He however, expressed optimism that the country’s players will perform well at the Lagos International Badminton Classic, which served off at the Rowe Park in Lagos on Wednesday.

“We have top and good players here like Ola, Dorcas and the others, we will give the foreigners a run for their money because we are the ones at home. Even though we are not seeded in the men’s singles, we will try our bests to win for Nigerians.”

The Nigerian team came back recently from the Li Ning BWF Thomas and Uber Cups in India, where the team lost all their matches in the qualifying rounds.

Source:Punch News


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