Two more arrests made in India gang-rape

Indian authorities arrested two more men in the gang-rape of two teenage girls found hanging from a mango tree in a rural northern village.

Angry villagers surrounded the bodies for hours when they were found Wednesday, accusing police of siding with the suspects and blocking them from taking the girls down.

The allegations fueled anger in the community, but calm was restored after authorities promised to take action.

The arrests of a police constable and another man on Friday night bring the number of suspects in custody to five, authorities said.

All five men — three brothers and two police officers — are facing rape and murder charges, said R.K.S. Rathore, a senior police officer.

In addition to the rape and murder charges, the police officers have been charged with conspiracy in the crime and negligence of duty, but the prosecution may review the counts as the investigation progresses, he said.

The shocking attack on the cousins ages 14 and 16 sparked outrage in Katra Sadatganj village and beyond.

A photo from the village in Uttar Pradesh state showed the body of one girl, dressed in a green tunic and pants, hanging from the tree. A crowd that included young children gathered around the grisly scene.

Police said an autopsy confirmed the girls had been raped and strangled. They were cremated Wednesday night in line with Hindu customs, said Mukesh Saxena, a local police official.

Source:Punch News


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