Abuja, PH to benefit from 4G Internet roll-out


Two Nigerian cities – Abuja and Port Harcourt – will benefit from the next phase of 4G Long Term Evolution internet roll-out plan that is slated for August this year.

The facilitating firm for the 4G LTE roll-out programme, Smile Targets, made this known to our correspondent in Lagos.

Its Chief Corporate Services Officer, Lee-Ann Cassie, said the plan to expand its services was born out of the successful roll-out of its Internet services in Ibadan in 2013 and in Lagos this year.

Smile Targets was recently awarded ‘The Best 4G LTE Internet Service Provider of the Year’, at the Cyber Innovation Awards held in Lagos.

And Cassie pledged that the company would continue to be innovative in its service provisioning, in order to satisfy its customers.

She said, “Currently we are developing our enterprise solutions to grow the businesses of our customers and we are planning to expand services to provide voice over Long Term Evolution technology.

“We are working with reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers for supply of the equipment that will drive the solution.”

She said the recognition given to Smiles Target would spur it to come up with more solutions that will enhance data communication and business.

“We are dedicating the award to all our staff, especially our Chief Executive Officer that has been instrumental to our successes today, and we will continue to offer true and robust internet services to our customers at high speed,” she said.

Cassie added that the company was collaborating with the Ministry of Communications Technology and the Nigerian Communications Commission to tackle high cost of internet access.

She said they were working on ways to reduce the cost of bandwidth by providing broadband back-haul that will increase access to the internet at affordable rates.

On broadband fibre cuts during road construction and expansion, Cassie called for increased awareness campaign to further educate Nigerians on the need to protect broadband infrastructure in their communities by putting an end to willful destruction of broadband infrastructure.

She said proper care must also be taken to protect fibre cables during roads construction and expansion.

“If fibre cables are protected, Nigerians will experience more affordable broadband services. I want to commend the Federal Government for the launch of broadband plan, which I think, will go a long way in addressing broadband challenges in the country,” she said.

Source:Punch News


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