Resist NERC’s tariff hike


It is disheartening that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has announced an increase in electricity tariff which would take effect from June 1. This can only be the handwork of its self-centered leadership who do not care about the resultant effects of this satanic action considering the fact that 80 per cent of Nigerians are living by and doing business through power supply. How much is the minimum wage of an average Nigerian? I charge all Nigerians to rise up and kick against this wicked and ungodly move that is targeted at merely extorting money from Nigerians illegally. Our neighbouring country, Ghana, has steady power supply and the citizens pay for only what they use. It’s a shame that Nigerian governments from Obasanjo to Jonathan have failed in this all important task because light is the key to genuine reformation and change. There is no gain saying that No light – No height, No Light – No Flight! Arise O compatriots of Nigeria and kick against this evil. Enough of suffering and smiling, the worst thing that can happen in any given society is for good men to do nothing. We must all rise up and fight for our liberty and freedom.

Source;Punch News


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