Winning Boko Haram War

The war against Boko Haram cannot be won if we continue to glorify religious, tribal, political and ethnic divides. Nigeria is bleeding; it needs urgent intervention lest it dies. Every hand must be on deck to ensure we defeat these insurgents. Every assistance should be explored and obtained before it is too late.

Famakinwa Olumide,

26, Ibitoye Street, Mile 2 Ojo Road,

Ajegunle Apapa Lagos.


Why the conflict? Is this war against religion, government or Nigerians? The answer is “one cannot say”. But all the same, we can’t just fold our arms and keep our fingers crossed. This is a time when we have to take a step that will effect a drastic change in our nation. Enough of apportioning blames and shedding crocodile tears. This is the time to move out of our comfort zone and pull the trigger without fears. This fight is not geared towards President Goodluck Jonathan or the government alone, all Nigerians must be part and parcel of this fight. As a Nigerian, what have you done for Nigeria? Be sure you are doing something that will serve as a sole contributor to achieving our goals and dreams in Nigeria. Then, we can say, altogether, “victory is sure”.

Toyin Oyaromade,

Wasimi, Ikire, Osun State.


Source:Punch news


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