Emergency rule:Oritsejafor seeks full military operation

The President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has called on the Federal Government to “impose full scale emergency rule” in the North East states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, where the activities of the Boko Haram Islamic sect have been on the increase.

According to him, the Federal Government has been giving the states soft landing with the emergency rule, saying a full military operation without civilians would restore normalcy to the North East.

Speaking with journalists on Friday evening in Abuja during a special prayer for the protection and safe arrival of the over 230 abducted female students of Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno Sate, he stated that the existence of the Governors of the three states side by side with military operation had not produced the desired result.

The CAN President stated that the extension of emergency rule in the three states would be justified, insisting that without the military operations, the dreaded sect would have taken over governments in the affected states.

He cited the example of Borno State where, prior to the declaration of the emergency rule, the sect had carved out the greater percentage of the state for its own rule.

Oritsejafor said, “Government is very justified by extending the emergency rule  in the North Eastern part of the country. Like I always say, before the state of emergency was declared, more than half of Borno state, for example was in the hands of Boko Haram.

“If it was not declared, what would have happened by now? I  believe that extending the state of emergency is good, probably they should even go further than that. I believe there is a problem on ground right now, it is like the military and the governors are working at cross purposes.

“It is better to move civilians out of the way and then go straight with full military operation.”

According to him, the country would not have had issue of Chibok in its hands if there had been a definitive line of control.

He said, “We were told WAEC told the governor that those girls in Chibok Girls Secondary School should be taken to Maiduguri. But the governor was quoted to have said  “no” that they were safe in the place. So who do you hold responsible?

“Now you are holding the military responsible, but WAEC did not write the military, it wrote to the governor. If a military man was in charge, probably  we would  not be talking like this.”

The man of God also kicked against any trade off with the Boko Haram, insisting that agreeing to the sect demand that the kids should be released in exchange for the release of their members in detention would lay a very bad precedent.

According to him, giving in to such proposition would increase the spate of criminality in the country with disastrous consequences.

On the expected outcome of the national prayer, Oritsejafor also declared,”My expectation is that Nigeria will be be recovered from the hands of the wicked. Those who do not want this country to exist, those who want to use the thing on ground for political purposes, God will expose them. God will expose the financiers of Boko Haram and those who are sympathetic to their cause. Above all, our fervent prayer is that our girls would be recovered and this nation will be a nation of peace in Jesus name.”
Source;Punch news


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