Terrorism: Atiku restates call for foreign assistance


Atiku Abubakar Former Vice President has reiterated his call on the Federal Government to enlist international support in its current war against terrorism.

In a statement by his media office, the former Vice President reacting to the May 1 explosion at Nyanya, Abuja, said it was high time Nigeria solicited international support to tackle its tough and seemingly intractable security challenges.

While commending the sacrifices and patriotism of our security forces in dealing with the threats of terrorists, he advised Nigeria to urgently seek international support and should do so urgently.

According to him, terrorism is relatively new to Nigeria and our security men and women are up against a deadly, unconventional enemy that doesn’t bother about the rules of engagement.

He advised the Federal Government to seek assistance because the world is so interconnected that no nation should be an island onto itself.

He explained that because of the global dimension of terrorism, no developing country like Nigeria should go it alone, adding “we need to learn from the professional experiences and ideas of other countries confronted by terrorist threats.”

He also used the medium to express his condolences to families of the dead while wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.


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