Malta Guinness partners Okpekpe race

Malta Guinness has finalised plans to participate in the 10km Okpekpe Road Race for the second year running. The organisers say it is in a bid to promote healthy living as well as providing a productive platform for Nigeria’s youth population to channel their energies to.

Organisers of the race, Pamodzi Sports Marketing, said by the weekend that Malta Guinness Low Sugar has thus become the official malt drink for the competition.

Explaining reasons behind the partnership, Marketing Director, Guinness Nigeria, Austin Ufomba said that it was in line with the company’s brand purpose, which promotes healthy living and wellbeing of Nigerians as they achieve their dreams of participating in the race.

He said, “We see the Okpekpe Road Race as an ideal platform to touch the lives of Nigerians as well as a way to affect the lives of the host communities of the race. Of course we all know that Malta Guinness Low sugar promotes healthy living and so we feel that as the official malt drink it will through this tournament continue to reinforce its support for healthy lifestyle.


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