Our govs did not shun security meeting with Jonathan —APC

Reacting, APC, on Thursday, explained the absence of its governors at the security meeting called by President Jonathan.

A statement issued by its spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, in Lagos, on Thursday night, said the truth of the matter was that governors of APC-controlled states were given the impression that the meeting had been called off, hence they did not attend.

‘’On Wednesday, the presidency called the Chief Detail of the Kwara State government to say that the meeting had been called off. On the basis of this information, which apparently got to other governors under the aegis of the APC, our governors did not attend.

‘’Now that the meeting has been held, it is incumbent on the presidency to launch an investigation into the source of the call to the Kwara State government and what the call was meant to achieve.

‘’Irrespective of the totally unfounded and absolutely irresponsible allegation that the APC is behind the escalating security situation, our party will not shy away from any serious effort to end the terrorist attacks in our country. Therefore, it is not true that our governors shunned the meeting with the president,’’ APC said.


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