My daughter is getting married to a woman – Mother cries out

I gave birth to my children while I was in England and struggling to make ends meet. Her father abandoned the two of us to marry another woman when she was just six months old.

I had to drop out of school to work so as to cope with the situation I found myself.

Because I combined about three jobs, I didn’t have enough time for my daughter. Along the line, I got involved with another man and had two other children. He too wanted a woman to depend on. I kicked him out when I discovered this.

To be frank, I had very little to do with the training of my children because I was too busy growing my business and social life to have time for them.

That was over 30 years ago. My younger daughter got married about two years ago and I have been on the case of my elder daughter whose friends are only women. I became bothered because I have never seen her in the company of boys. That should have gotten me very suspicious but it never crossed my mind to think along that line despite the prevalence of such in England.

Two years ago, I decided to come back to Nigeria for good. I was getting old and things were not as rosy as before. But having established here, I at least was comfortable.

Early last month, she told me that she has found someone she would like to spend the rest of her life with. I was happy and decided to visit her about three weeks ago since she was already talking about a private wedding ceremony. Knowing my daughter, she can decide on impulse to get married without informing any member of the family; including her siblings she didn’t really get on with.

To avoid the embarrassment of having a son-in-law I didn’t know, I went to England with the hope of meeting him and his family since she said the family lived in London too. Another reason I decided to go was to find out more about the stranger since she refused to give his name, country or what he is doing for a living.

I didn’t bother to inform any of them of my coming hence she didn’t have the time to evacuate evidence from my council flat she now occupies. Just as I thought, I found both of them in the flat but Agatha, she is a woman. My daughter is not only a lesbian but is going to marry a woman.

I’m finished. What do I have to show for all my labour over her? I got to know that the nanny I left them with introduced her to the act-infact she is marrying her nanny’s daughter. Now I understood why the other two children refused the nanny when they were young. I had to get a different nanny for them. It also explained why they never went near their elder sister or she near them.

If the flat wasn’t in my name she would have ordered me to leave that morning.

As it is now, they have a date and gown. She is the woman while the other lady is the male in the union.

Agatha, I have told her she can be a prostitute, or keep her secretly but not to marry her. What do I tell people? Help me with this. I feel responsible for this. If I didn’t entrust her to this nanny she wouldn’t be marrying a woman today. I don’t even know what to ask you for but please use your gift to help me before I get charged for killing my own daughter, which is what I will do if she goes ahead with this disaster she calls a marriage.


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