Workers advise TCN on transmission line maintenance

The General Manager, Osogbo Transmission Region, Transmission Company of Nigeria, Mr. Vincent Aligwara, and engineers in the region have advised the board of the company to ensure the clearing of trees under transmission lines in order to avoid system collapse.

Aligwara spoke in Osogbo on Wednesday during a tour of transmission installations in the region by members of the Board of the TCN led by Prof. Peter Akper (SAN).

The two labour unions in the company, while urging the TCN management to prioritise workers’ welfare, also said that the fertile soil in the region had made it easy for the quick growth of vegetation, and urged the board to always ensure that the vegetation was not allowed to lead to the snapping of the transmission lines.

Aligwara urged the board to replace the burnt 4T1 150MVA transformer at Osogbo.

According to him, the burning of the transformer, which occurred on March 7, has had an adverse effect on power supply to areas such as Ado Ekiti, Akure, Ondo, Ile Ife and Ilesa.

While advocating increased funding to the region to ease the difficulties caused by cash crunch, the general manager stated that operations in the Osogbo region, which includes two sub stations in Osogbo and Ayede, and work stations in Omotoso in Ondo State and Ganmo in Kwara State, would be better with more funds.

Aligwara said, “The region falls within the rain forest belt. It rains the year round, hence the consequential vegetation menace on the transmission lines.

“We do appreciate the efforts of the corporate headquarters in employing the mechanical method to clear the race of the 330KV lines. However, the timing of the award is a bit late as it falls in when the rains have commenced.

“The trace of our 132KV lines is also very difficult to access just as the 330KV traces.”


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