UN seeks support for South Sudan refugees



South Sudan escalates,the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Food Programme has spearheaded an appeal for millions of dollars to support South Sudanese refugees.

On Tuesday  the regional emergency response requiring 371 million dollars would help thousands of South Sudanese refugees arriving in neighbouring countries since the outburst of conflict…..more than 204,000 people fled to Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya since fighting erupted in mid-December between government troops and rival forces.

Edwards said that South Sudanese have recently been fleeing into neighbouring countries at a rate of nearly 2,000 per day, with most heading to Ethiopia and Uganda.

He noted that among the refugees were women, children and older people as the majority had arrived exhausted, nutritionally weak and in poor health.

“Their weaknesses were as a result of having come from areas of South Sudan experiencing severe food shortages.

Amid the current situation in South Sudan, where some 708,900 people are internally displaced, and 3.7 million faced a high risk of food insecurity, and the potential for further cross-border movement is high.’’

The number of South Sudanese refugees across the region is expected to reach 340,000 by the end of the year.

“Given these trends, the regional emergency response will focus on protection activities and other life-saving needs.

“These include emergency food, water, sanitation and health,”this wil be developing and expanding refugee camps and other sites where basic services will be available


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