G8 summit won’t hold in Russia -Cameron


UK prime Minister,David Cameron said that  the G8 summit will not take place in Russia this year,

Speaking in the Netherlands, Cameron said it was “absolutely clear” the planned June meeting of world leaders in the Russian resort of Sochi would not happen owing to events in Ukraine.

The EU and US have imposed sanctions on Russian officials after Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

Moscow has also been warned of further action if it does not change course.

The announcement that the Sochi meeting had been effectively cancelled came after Russian troops seized control of the last major military base in Crimea.

Cameron, US President Barack Obama and other G8 leaders are attending a nuclear co-operation summit in The Hague, to which Russian President Vladimir Putin was not invited.

“We should be clear there’s not going to be a G8 summit in Russia,” Cameron said.

“That’s absolutely clear. We’ll be meeting tonight, the seven other countries of the G8 that are going to determine the way forward. But frankly it is Russia that needs to change course.”

The UK and other G8 nations suspended their preparations for the Sochi summit last month as the crisis in Ukraine intensified and hinted that they could meet without Russia.

Several G8 members have also called for Russia’s membership of the powerful body to be suspended.

The end of the Sochi summit was a recognition of Russia’s isolation on the global stage as a result of what it had done in Ukraine.

The US, UK and other countries, he added, were making clear they did not want Russia “in their club” unless it reconsidered its actions in Crimea.


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