Health workers’ strike: Business booms for Kaduna herbalists

Herbalists in Kaduna State are making more money following the closure of public hospitals due to strike by health workers.

Public hospitals have remained closed for three weeks due to demand by the workers for higher wages.

Some of the herbalists said on Friday in Kaduna that more patients have been seeking for their services since the strike began.

According to them the patronage has increased by more than 30 per cent.

One of them, Musa Bello of Aboki Health Centre in Hayin Dogo said, “I have been receiving more patients here since the strike began and my earnings have increased significantly.”

Another herbalist, Akinkunmi Oyesi of Alaba herbal clinic said she had been getting referrals from patients she treated.

Mr Sule Bako, a relative of a patient met in one of the centres said, “the condition of my brother is getting critical daily and i dont have the money to take him to a private hospital.

“The bill here is affordable unlike the private hospitals that is why I moved my brother here.”

A mother, Mrs Jummai Baba said two of her siblings were moved to the herbalist for treatment.

She appealed to the state government and the health workers to quickly resolve the problems between them for the hospitals to reopen.

Mr Obadiah Sunday, Chairman, Joint Health Workers Union,said that the strike had continued because discussions with the state government had yielded no result.

“The issue is now handled by the Nigeria Labour Congress, which is intervening to ensure that the areas of contention are resolved as soon as possible,” he said.

The strike by health workers in the state began on March 1, 2014 over unpaid 30 per cent salary.


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